Time Managment, essay writing skills and online communication skills


Present a perspective on the following:Time Managment, essay writing skills and online communication skills. Describe how you can use each of these 3 topics to succeed in your Master’sdegree. Review articles and sources with specific questions in mind (i.e., Does this article support my topic? How does this article apply to my topic? How am I going to use the details of this article in my paper?). The research paper must meet the following requirments: 1. Be at least 5 pages in length(not including the title page and refrences page)2. Include a topic associated with the value of masters degree orientation course. 3. Include at least three peer-reviewed articles. 4. Use APA Style.


A master’s degree can open the door for acquiring further knowledge which is essential for a accomplishing a higher degree of success in professional fields. It is a fact that attaining a bachelor’s degree is an achievement in itself and there is no less credit in acquiring one, but if an individual can achieve a master’s degree then he/she will be able to convey the higher level of knowledge in comparison to the knowledge gained in a bachelor’s degree. Moreover, having a master’s degree can pave the way for an individual to enhance his/her level of job competency and the professional arena along with job options will increase for the concerned individual. Besides, there are ample chances for individuals securing a master’s degree to have a job with greater remuneration and more security. But it is to be kept in mind that for securing a master’s degree one has to incorporate some vital skills into a master’s degree program to attain success. And among the most important skills time management skill, essay writing skill, and online communication skill are the three primary aspects which a student of a master’s degree program needs to complete the course and achieve the degree successfully.

There are some important factors which usually motivates individuals to opt for a master’s degree. Apart from the urge for gaining for knowledge in particular fields of expertise, individuals often choose to join master’s degree program as such a degree can surely ensure higher pay packages in the sphere of employment. And to support this fact one can cite that “U.S. Census Bureau studies show that those with an MBA typically earn around $10,000 more than employees with a bachelor’s degree” (Silvestri, n.d.). Hence, there are ample of reasons behind opting for joining a master’s degree course and eventually completing it successfully. But as mentioned before there are some essential skills needed to accomplish a master’s degree. And among them time management skill is a pivotal one. Time is the most essential factor in the realm of both education and profession. A person who lacks the skill of managing time is sure to secure lesser benefits than a person who has mastered the art of time management. It is a fact that a master’s degree program needs a rigorous study regime and being a student of a master’s degree course I should try to infuse my time management skills to secure better results. As I have realized that during my master’s degree course I may be faced with the challenge of balancing study, research, and social activities, I should try to enhance my time management skill by planning daily activities. And for doing this effectively I must differentiate important tasks from less important ones and determine which tasks require the most attention.

To enhance my skills of time management I should try to incorporate some specific strategies which include the setting of clear goals, breaking the goals down to discreet steps, and reviewing my own progress and all these steps should constitute my action planning (“How to Manage Your Time Effective”, n.d.). Moreover, to manage my time appropriately I have to follow the principle of prioritizing and should develop my skill of organizing the work schedule by making related to-do lists. Besides, I should always try to keep up my perseverance and should every time avoid the evil of procrastination as it is a menace which can hamper the entire educational progress which I am opting for in my master’s degree course. I should grow the habit of making individualized plans rather than the generalized ones. And this habit will help me a lot in prioritizing my tasks. Furthermore, I should try to formulate separate to-do lists to divide my time into time needed for household activities, social activities, and time needed for studying and searching for materials related to my master’s degree course. However, though I will try to focus on implementing the aforesaid strategies, I should always keep in mind that the greatest enemy to time management is procrastination and to do away with this evil it is important that “you manage ‘Your fear of doing things’ you don’t want to do and realize that the fear is often far worse than any possible negative results” (“How to Manage Your Time Effective”, n.d.).

I should also keep in mind that for managing my time effectively I should be able to identify the areas of my life in which I am wasting time. And this identification is very much essential as without trying to find out the sources of my time wastage I can never control my time properly by reducing those unnecessary activities. Besides, I must formulate and develop a daily work routine and should always try to accomplish my course-related tasks and assignments on time without going beyond the allotted deadline. Moreover, to manage my time effective I should try to make a time log for which I have to make a chart for the next seven days dividing each day into half hour intervals and I should note down my activities in each half hour of the concerned day (“How to Manage Your Time Effective”, n.d.), and all these records will surely help me to find out which task needs priority and which tasks don’t need so.

Now, apart from the time management skill I should also have the writing skill and specifically the essay writing skill to successfully complete my master’s degree course. Writing is the most challenging part in the entire process of studying and learning and in any master’s degree course it is the writing skill which is primarily needed for success. I am aware of the fact that most of the studies in the master’s degree level require analytical approach rather than a descriptive approach (Ratcliffe, n.d.), and hence, I should try to enhance my skills of present an argument in my analytical essays and through such argumentation logically I must establish my point of view to pursue my professors and my other audiences including my peers. It is a fact that “University essays are…arguments for or against certain propositions” (Ratcliffe, n.d.), and I should hone my skills of incorporating logical arguments in my essay papers during the master’s degree course.

In a master’s degree course there are often essay assignments which are meant for exploring particular issues or topics and through such exploration a student can expand his/her learning and understanding skills. So, I must enhance my essay writing skill in order to give myself opportunities to better in the subject of my expertise. And to show my writing skills during the entire master’s degree course I should try to produce good essays by presenting ideas and arguments in a logical and coherent manner and this can only be achieved through proper organization of the collected information. Moreover, through such process of essay writing I can also develop my analysis and synthesis skills (“Essay Writing, n.d.). Furthermore, as per my knowledge, at the initial stages of a master’s degree program “essays generally ask you to ‘outline’, ‘explain’, ‘explore’ or ‘describe’, and then as you progress you are required to ‘discuss’ and ‘critically evaluate’” (“Essay Writing, n.d.) and so I should try to focus on my skill of critically evaluating issues and should endeavor to better this particular skill for producing good essays that can pave the way for me to successfully complete my master’s degree course. I should try to learn and implement how to create an outline of my essay along with the process of generating topic idea. Besides, I should practice writing essays to improve my skill of formulating a good thesis statement which is the primary aspect of a good essay. And then I should try to improve my skill of composing logical and interrelated body paragraphs and finally should try to compose a good conclusion of my essay which will definitely provide the readers of my essay with a closure that can sum up the essay’s points or can provide a final viewpoint about the topic of discussion (Walker, 2005).

Finally, I should whet my online communication skills as in this era of technological boost online communication is very much needed in the realm of any kind of educational course including a master’s degree course. I am aware of the fact that to succeed in my master’s degree course I should learn effective communication strategies and being a student of online master’s degree course it is very much essential for me to acquire the basic online communication skills to effective complete my master’s degree course. I should follow the online etiquettes and accordingly should email my instructor if there is any clarification needed in respect of any of the aspects of my course. I should learn correct emailing styles and etiquettes and should learn to post effective but concise messages on the discussion board. Moreover, I should learn the effective strategy of participation in the entire online learning process and this participation can earn me good opportunities of enhancing my progress in respect of my master’s degree course. I should log into “the classroom each and every day to complete learning activities, respond to discussion questions, post comments to classmates, attend the seminar, or even…socialize with classmates in the Cyber Café” (“Tips for Effective Online Communication”, n.d.). And the implementation of all these strategies will not only help me in exchanging ideas with my fellow students but will also provide me with scopes of interacting with my instructor frequently and such frequency will help me in resolving problems and progress in a faster manner to accomplish my academic objectives.

In conclusion, to effectively carry on with and complete my master’s degree course I should learn to effectively incorporate some basic skills and among them the skill of time management, essay writing, and online communication are primary. I am aware of the fact that the amalgamation of all these skills will definitely help me in completing my master’s degree course in an effective manner and it will also pave the way for me to obtain vast knowledge in respect of the subject in which I am going to achieve a master’s degree.

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